So, which of the factors above should be the most important to you? Well, it depends on your sleeping habits! You may choose a particular kind of memory foam mattress based on your sleep requirements and preferences. To know about which type of mattress is best for side sleepers, visit

Look at the table below to learn more about the different types of memory foam mattresses available. Then keep reading to find out who should and shouldn’t purchase a memory foam mattress.

Sleepers on their backs: 

Back sleepers benefit from memory foam mattresses that are medium-firm to the firm in feel since they need enough lumbar support to keep their spines straight. I usually suggest all-foam memory foam mattresses with a gentle to medium-soft feel for side sleepers. All-memory foam beds are among the finest choices for these sleepers since they like lots of deep sinkages and cushioning around the shoulders and hips.

Stomach sleepers:

I suggest a memory foam hybrid or a memory foam mattress with more convoluted foams in its upper layers for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress that helps them align their hips with their shoulders, and the sinkage that most memory foam mattresses provide will be unsettling to them. If they’re going to sleep on a memory foam bed, I’d advise them to choose the firmest memory foam model available.

Combination sleepers: 

Memory foam’s sinkage isn’t always suitable for combination sleepers who need to shift throughout the night. These sleepers should stick to firm memory foam hybrids, which sink less than conventional memory foam mattresses. Hot sleepers should use memory foam hybrids with gel infusions to assist disperse body heat. If you sleep hot, a mattress with a memory foam layer under a layer of more cooling latex or polyfoam may be a suitable option for you.

Heavy sleepers: 

A memory foam mattress with deep compression support is required for heavy sleepers.

Purchasing A Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Memory foam beds are ideal for side sleepers seeking pressure-relieving sinkage.
  • Memory foam’s soft, cushioning feel may appeal to sleepers with joint discomfort.
  • A memory foam bed is ideal for anybody who wants deep sinkage and body contouring. This is the material to use if you’re going to feel “hugged” by your mattress.
  • Memory foam mattresses are popular among couples because they effectively absorb motion. This means you won’t be bothered if your bedmate tosses and turns or gets out of bed.

Who Should Not Buy Memory Foam:

  • You won’t enjoy the sinkage memory foam mattresses offer if you like to feel more “on top of” your bed. Instead, you may want to choose one of our finest latex mattresses.
  • Even the most remarkable memory foam mattresses may be too warm for certain people, especially those who sleep hot. If that describes you, choose one of our finest cooling mattresses.
  • Memory foam mattresses are the polar opposite of what you need if you want a bouncy sensation. Instead, try one of our finest innerspring mattresses.